Your house is an extension of you. If you are an artistic person, you likely take great joy in decorating your house. The toughest decision for an artist is probably choosing which painting goes on the wall and which in storage.

Well time for making difficult decisions is over!

There is no reason art cannot decorate your house without being hung on a wall. If you are somebody who has a number of prints lying around the house – be it your photographs, your artwork, or simply your child’s doodles – it is time to bring them out of storage. What better use of your creative projects than to personalise mundane household items and bring every room in your house alive!

Cat Print Coffee Glass

Revamp your coffee mug with  your favourite images

Reuse and Recycle! Decorate Your Kitchen Sustainably 
Our kitchen produces a large amount of waste and we must ensure we recycle this. We should also recycle our art and what better place to incorporate it than the kitchen? Print your child’s doodles on plain white cloth napkins. This is a good way to make your child feel responsible about their house and to teach them about recycling.

While we have our parents to recycle our stuff for us as children, as adults we tend to hoard. Have you ever looked at a photograph and liked it but thought it was not good enough to get framed and put up? There may just be another way of making it a part of your home. Personalising mugs and water bottles can make mundane daily activities like having your morning tea a little more fun.

Let Your Bedroom Tell Your Story
Our bedrooms are like our charging stations. It is where we rejuvenate and recuperate. Fill it up with memories of your loved ones who help recharge your daily lives! Picture collages are a great way to tell a story. With the size of bed covers and blankets, they are an ideal canvas to print collages on. Make a collage of all your child’s birthday parties or make a collage of your parents’ wedding photos. The more personal the better! In fact, a printed pillow or pillow cover can make for a creative yet emotional gift. Whether it is a picture of you and them or a piece of art that reminds you of them, a customised pillow can be a great present for any loved one.

Glam up your cushion covers or tote bags with the photos of your loved ones

Twinning Mother Daughter

Make unique fashion statement with your family

Make A Statement! Express Yourself Through Your Outfits
Art and fashion go hand in hand. Both are creative outlets for people to showcase their personality and passion. Instead of using a random print, customize your outfits with your own artwork. A graphic T-shirt is a classic so if you enjoy playing with graphics and typography, why not make your own statement T-shirt? Bring out your Zentangles, or Mandalas to decorate your plain old denim jacket. Hoodies and onesies personify comfort wear and what is more comforting than a photograph from your childhood?

Make Your Living Room the Conversation Starter
The living room is often used to host guests. You want this room to be welcoming. Light has a huge impact on mood. If you find the colours of a particular painting particularly vibrant, why not turn it into a lampshade? Fill up your living room with the same aura as that of your favourite painting. You can also use your favourite artwork as table mats to get the conversation started during a meal. Get more creative with your coaster, scan your favourite photo or painting and put it on the coaster. To play it up a bit, cut the coasters in different shapes and sizes. (Ps. Don’t forget to make them waterproof!)

Buddha Coaster

Start a conversation over coffee and coasters

Customised Notebook Stationary

Brighten up your workspace with personalised stationary

Let Your Home Office Ooze Productivity 
The growing acceptance of work from home as an alternative way of working has increased usage of home offices all over the country. It is important to keep positive affirmations around your workplace. Why not customise your pencil stand with a photo of a loved one you always want to keep close be it a parent, a partner, a sibling, a friend, or even a pet. House plants are another way to uplift your mood while working as they provide natural beauty. Make your plants look impressive with printed plastic pots for them. Choose from artwork close to you and create a blend of artistic beauty and natural beauty in your office.

When printing on items other than paper, it is extremely important to be careful of the quality of the picture. Just because it appears clear on your phone does not necessarily mean it will be clear when it is enlarged. Do make sure you edit the picture properly to get a beautiful and uncluttered finish!

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