If you are a true bibliophile, you will perfectly understand the angst that comes from people interfering during your reading session or perhaps being told that the movie adaption of the book is better than the book itself! Here is a list of 15 pet peeves that every bibliophile has had to endure. How many do you relate to?

Books are sacred and so is the process of reading. Any bookworm will attest to this. And any bookworm will also tell you that more often than not there are external forces working against them that lead to tense, bury-your-head-into-the-ground moments. Here is a list of 15 such moments.

You’re Reading and Someone Interrupts
When you are neck-deep into a book, wading through its twists and turns, out of nowhere you are interrupted by someone who clearly doesn’t know that they have barged into the wonderful, imaginary scene that you have conjured from the book.

Stickers on Books
Nothing hurts more than stickers, usually a price tag sticker, that is pasted on the front cover of a beloved book. What makes it even worse is the residual gum that stays back after many attempts of neatly peeling away the sticker.

Don't judge a book by its movieWhen You’re Told that the Movie is Better than the Book!
This is a straight-up dagger in the heart moment when someone appreciates the movie adaptation more than the book itself! Let’s face it, cinematic adaptations of books have the potential to be good or even great, but can never match up to the prowess of the book itself.

When Movie Adaptations Take the Liberty to Change the Plot
Let’s be clear about one thing… If a book is too long or detailed to be adapted into a 120-minute movie, then perhaps the movie shouldn’t be made at all. Why change the plot or the outcome of a book that has already made a place for itself in the hearts of many?

Books that Have Movie Covers
Let’s face it, there isn’t a single book movie cover that has done justice to the story of the book. It’s just a marketing ploy to get the feeble-minded to take an interest in the book, which wouldn’t have been the case otherwise.

No folding pagesDog-earing Pages of a Book
Have you low-key cringed when you saw someone dog-ear pages of a book considering that they could have used absolutely anything… A visiting card, a piece of paper or a post-it note as a bookmark?

When People Write in Books
Isn’t this the absolute worst… Tainting the crisp pages of a book with a pen or marker? At that moment, don’t you just want the earth to swallow you whole? Why can’t people simply use post-it notes to jot down important takeaways from the book?

When Someone Reads a Book by Folding its Spine
Is it really that hard to keep a book open as it should be and read from it? Why even damage the spine?

Spoiler AlertWhen Someone Spoils the Ending
It’s difficult to comprehend why anyone would deliberately give away the main plot twist of a book. What purpose does it serve other than annoying the person who has been patiently waiting to dive into their favourite book? 

Being Told to Calm Down After Completing a Great Book
You are allowed to be super excited or turn into a puddle of tears after you finish a great book. Don’t let anyone dampen your spirit. They don’t know what they’re missing out on! 

When Someone Gifts You the Second Book in a Trilogy but you Haven’t Read or Own the First One
Dear prospective book giver, why gift the second book from a series if you know that the person hasn’t read the first one? Have you at least inquired? Do your homework!

Different sized seriesDifferent Book Sizes or Cover Designs in a Book Series
To the person who designed the book series as well as the author, what was going through your head while you were conceptualising the design of the book? Do you know how terrible it will look on the shelf?

Overly Long Book Descriptions
Have you ever checked a book’s synopsis on Goodreads or Amazon and noticed that it is the equivalent of a mini-essay? It’s as if the person who wrote it forgot that it is a synopsis and not a complete breakdown of the book. At least leave some of the suspense intact to entice the reader into buying the book. 

Cracking the spine in paperbacks
Why do some readers do that? Do you realise that you are in fact destroying the integrity of the book?

Receiving Books with Torn Pages, Broken Spines and Dented Edges
Nothing makes the heart of a bibliophile bleed more than receiving a book that has tears, dented corners, broken spines or a folded cover page.

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